A Developmental Spurt Masked As A Sleep Regression That Has Resulted From Our Moving Processs

#LongestTitleForABlogEver – I tried to shorten it, I really did…but my tired mind lacks the know-how. Where to begin. I’ll keep it short, because 1. I’m sure there’s more interesting things to do on a Monday night than read my poor-attempt-at-keeping-up-with-journalling entry; 2. I heard from my brother that people actually don’t like reading in general, … Continue reading

Just So Thankful

I thought I would give you a break from all the fancy stuffed-turkey dinner pictures with a little reading before you head to bed. A blog about gratitude, in fact. Have you given thought to what it means to be really thankful? I sure hope so, seeing as how it’s Thanksgiving weekend. And if you haven’t, allow … Continue reading