Mother’s Day

Of all the roles I play, a mama is by far my favourite one. ❤ I feel so blessed to have stumbled upon the journey of motherhood. I am filled with gratitude for my life partner, who has supported my #homebirthing #notvaccinating #clothdiapering #extendedbabywearing #extendedbreastfeeding #homeschooling #sleeptraining then #cosleeping #attachmentparenting #openblogging #onlynaturalwoodtoys #childhoodunplugged #organicfood #consciousparenting passions like no other. Almost everyone else thinks I’m crazy! 😉 Because of his support, I greet my days with faith, hope, and patience. I also wouldn’t be who I am today without my sisterhood of wild women, who are also on a similar path of standing in their truth. My heart is filled with so much appreciation for my tribe and my sisters.

We celebrated Mother’s Day with a trek around High Park. The torrential downpour didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves!


Happy Mama’s Day, to you from us! ❤ Thank you for reading 🙂


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