The divine is everywhere. 💕✨ 👀

In the early mornings I meditate on homeschooling, unschooling and creating a school, and I ask the Universe for guidance with this “ambitious” vocation.

Yesterday this little insect was a bright green caterpillar wriggling around. Today Sophia noticed it’s stillness and solitude, looking a little bit bigger, colour changing into a light brown. Could it be, we ask?


We are in awe and wonder to see such a beautiful change and life cycle take place right on our doorstep. This yields a lovely opportunity to discuss retreating inwards during transformation. I speak to her about walking the path that God calls us to walk on. Leaving behind old ways, patterns, belief systems, as well as old relationships that no longer serve us to further express our true self. Such a simple and small thing, isn’t it? But, I am blessed to be manifesting our days in slow rhythm to be mindful of every simple and small thing as a learning experience. Of ourselves. Each other. And the world.

After watching the very slow transformation and talking for 20 minutes, we remember we were on our way to the forest. 😂

I take this 🐛 as a sacred sign of good juju on the fruition of my visions through solitude and deep meditation and I am so grateful.

Patience. Surrender. Potential. A glimpse into our past/present/future self. Evolution. There’s no turning back. 🙏🏾❤️


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