Free Bleeding

The full moon magic helps us detach and release what no longer serves us, including past programs, belief systems, thoughts, beings and energies that are no longer serving our highest good and the greatest good for all.


While my crystals cleanse outside in the light of the full moon, I soak myself in a hot apple cider vinegar bath. The essence of the full moon is to embrace letting go and release ourselves from all programs that no longer serve. Now…I’ve got an almost full box of tampons, but don’t want to plug myself during the soak; so, I decide to be one with Day One of menstruation and free bleed in the tub observing any judgements I make of myself.

Free bleed: menstruating freely, without using a feminine hygiene product. I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, which is why I posted a before photo 🙂 so, bear with me now.

How often are we ashamed by our bodies? Frustrated with periods? Weighted by the hormonal changes that accompany our monthly cycle? If we even are at peace with all of this, how would we feel if another woman came to our home, sat for tea and a chat and bled on our couch? Would you have a judgement after looking at your couch? A negative belief system? True story, by the way. This happened to me when I was meditating with a client, except I don’t think her intent was to “mess up” the couch.

Now, I will suspend judgement and I won’t think about making a “mess.” I will observe this goddess of a body and I will let my body do it’s thing. I appreciate it for what it is and release all shaming, thus finding strength in my body and life. This is sacred blood. Powerful and life affirming. It was able to create a life and nurture it. It was able to flow, along with other fluids during the birth of Sophia. Just as our periods are not to be afraid of, hidden, or masked, so our true self is not to be afraid of, hidden, or masked.

As I free bleed in the tub, I focus on the release and letting go of what no longer serves me. The delicious scent from both the beeswax candle and the sage burning calls me to go deeper as I recite the following mantra:

“I loosen my grip on past programs, belief systems and egoic thoughts. I trust the Universe. I allow love to fill my body and my soul all day today, and everyday. I am love.” 💕✨

Moon cycle party next month? 🙂

Happy full moon to you, may you cleanse and clear what need be and be fully ready for the shift into Autumn. ❤️

#affirmations #fullmoonrelease #freebleeding


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