The Caldera Within


I set the intention before travelling to Greece, to explore the land with an open mind and heart. I’m no history gal, rarely into museums. I wasn’t interested in making the trek to see the ruins. But from the moment we landed in Athens, I felt so connected to the space, my visceral reaction was to cry. I studied there before, I’m sure of this, seeking the truth that I am learning to embody now. The feels were like coming home.


I understood how beautiful it is to have lungs that can fill with air, feet that can climb to ruins, skin that can be sun drenched. What makes us feel we need more? This is enough. I have all I ever need in the present moment. I AM enough. I can give myself permission to be imperfect, to have a long way to go on the path of conscious evolution, and yet still be whole, be enough.

Right now, right here. I am enough.


This led me to reflect on what wholeness truly is.

Could wholeness be the complete absence of dark, or the darkness and the light working in balance and harmony? What have we suppressed within us so much that it has become an unapologetic creature of the night, hidden in the dark? Why do we yearn for the feeling of balance and completeness? Why do we so firmly believe we lack in life? How can we step up and own our wholeness and honour every aspect of ourselves, including our dark aspects of our existence?


If I want to move forward in alignment and wholeness, I have to be at peace with my imperfections. I must bring back to life all that I feel is lacking, all that has been suppressed, beaten, wounded, shamed, or silenced. I need to be a storyteller, taking history and turning it into a sacred textbook for self-mastery. I need to be both magician and alchemist, working with my darkness and my light, texturizing them in unison, to be able to move forward in love and wholeness.


Each day, we are all awarded ample opportunities to tend to our personal suffering from unexpected loss, limited belief systems, polarization, change, and historic wounds that rise to the surface. How do we work with both our dark and our light each day? The darker aspects of our existence are a part of who we are, so why do we work so hard on suppressing our dark instead of integrating our dark? Isn’t it silly of us to expect that we can be in balance and harmony when we only focus on the light? So, we are called now to embrace our darkness within, and this does not mean we are lacking or unbalanced when dark rises.


We each have the power to heal ourselves, to bring ourselves back into balance. We are our own Guru, the Saviour we have been seeking. What leads us to believe we are helpless? Why do we insist that we must search outside of our own Being for truth, for love, and for acceptance? We have the power of our subconscious minds, so let us honour this and use our power to heal ourselves, in turn healing the planet. How we journey through the moments of breakdown, of change and confusion, illustrates and perfects our truth, our character, our light.


Feel it to heal it. I reflect on the hurt I have experienced, and the people who have challenged me, and I am so thankful to everyone who has been a teacher, a reflection of my consciousness. As within, so without. I am you. You are me. When I am provoked and pushed past my comfort zone, I see the individual as holding up a mirror for me, through which I can see my own energy and the areas of myself that are in my blind spot. What am I criticizing about others that I have hidden within myself? Through this mirror, I can see the darkness and the light within me, the wounded and the healed. I can see what once was healed but not fully, and has resurfaced for more transformation. I can achieve clarity on myself in the here and now. We are ONE, so whenever I am compelled to judge, to drown in victim mentality or sadness or anger, or even when I feel inspired and encouraged, I can take ownership for it all when I view the other as a true reflection of myself. Feeling empowered and rising in my truth, I can then hold a mirror back, and empower another to rise. How are we allowing ourselves the time and space each day to feel connected, balanced, whole, and return to leading with our heart?


I am so thankful for these two for their unyielding support. You allow me to work on my darkness and believe in my light. I set the intention before travelling to Greece, to explore the land with an open mind and heart. But, I also explored the depths and dark abysses of myself, with an open mind and heart. Together we co-created our peaceful, wild, and purposeful adventure, exploring the land.  I feel so blessed to be wandering anonymously, yet wondering intentionally with you.B8D45F83-B2AA-43D3-884E-747E1E51C676


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