Slow Ripening

Written the night of June 13, 2018. 38 weeks and a bit. I imagined baby would be Earthside by now, but I’m kind of not surprised. Babe is patient…I can sense him/her waiting for us all to be at peace and ease surrounding the birth. We’ve all been restless, with anticipation. With the extra time, … Continue reading

June ☀️

Womb and breasts in full bloom. Womb connects me to my guides, the angelic realm, my ancestors, and Gaia. I have been learning. And unlearning. Growing. Expanding. Grieving. Crumbling in humility. Stretching out of comfort zones. Making space for loss to bring forth life. Shifting from vulnerability to empowerment. Surrendering to love. Embracing trust in … Continue reading

Postpartum Care

The bags under my eyes signal exhaustion. I haven’t slept well for weeks, for sheer insomnia, late night snack attacks, and trips to empty the pee bucket. Still waiting for this mythical pregnancy glow to show; but at almost 37 weeks now, I’ve accepted it may not arrive and this is my new and refined … Continue reading

Home Sweet Home (Birth)

This particular entry speaks to my intention to have a home birth and my support of a peaceful, calm, comfortable birthing environment for mothers. While it does not speak for the mother whose preference is to birth in the hospital, I do raise questions about birthing in a hospital environment amongst medical practitioners. I trust … Continue reading