The Language of the Hand

Our family’s focus before reading, writing, and arithmetic (!) is on the spoken word. I love to build language skills in children through the repetition of stories, songs, and verses in circle time gatherings. In humanity’s evolution, spoken language developed first. Then written language emerged, originally through symbols (hieroglyphics). Once there was a written language, … Continue reading

The Home Within The Home

I interrupt the turkey and baseball broom pictures to say hello, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Regardless of whether you celebrate this Canadian holiday, I believe we might all agree that it is a time that encourages reflection on our attitude of gratitude. As conscious parents, not only are hubby and I striving to teach Sophia the importance of … Continue reading


The divine is everywhere. 💕✨ 👀 In the early mornings I meditate on homeschooling, unschooling and creating a school, and I ask the Universe for guidance with this “ambitious” vocation. Yesterday this little insect was a bright green caterpillar wriggling around. Today Sophia noticed it’s stillness and solitude, looking a little bit bigger, colour changing … Continue reading

Summer Days

The days are passing quickly. Time is a wicked creature. Our dear Sophia Penelope turns three years old on July 18th. Below is documentation of how we’ve been spending our summer days. And she’s got a balance bike! This sweet, squishy, innocent face. Would you like a duckling? Wild Things Petting Zoo. An authentic farm … Continue reading