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The divine is everywhere. 💕✨ 👀 In the early mornings I meditate on homeschooling, unschooling and creating a school, and I ask the Universe for guidance with this “ambitious” vocation. Yesterday this little insect was a bright green caterpillar wriggling around. Today Sophia noticed it’s stillness and solitude, looking a little bit bigger, colour changing … Continue reading

Summer Days

The days are passing quickly. Time is a wicked creature. Our dear Sophia Penelope turns three years old on July 18th. Below is documentation of how we’ve been spending our summer days. And she’s got a balance bike! This sweet, squishy, innocent face. Would you like a duckling? Wild Things Petting Zoo. An authentic farm … Continue reading

Mother’s Day

Of all the roles I play, a mama is by far my favourite one. ❤ I feel so blessed to have stumbled upon the journey of motherhood. I am filled with gratitude for my life partner, who has supported my #homebirthing #notvaccinating #clothdiapering #extendedbabywearing #extendedbreastfeeding #homeschooling #sleeptraining then #cosleeping #attachmentparenting #openblogging #onlynaturalwoodtoys #childhoodunplugged #organicfood #consciousparenting passions like no other. Almost … Continue reading


“There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere.” Nelson Mandela At the beginning of 2016, I made the choice to cut off 17 inches of very lengthy, thick, unruly hair. My main reasons for making the cut were to address existing and suppressed fears of being less womanly, less feminine, less desired, and…just less than, … Continue reading

The Colours of Us

An interesting week unfolded, full of teachable moments. In the first example, I changed Sophia into a dashing new, blue knit sweater we picked up at the thrift store. She was walking down the stairs with me and said, “Boys wear blue.” I gave her one of those where-did-you-hear-that looks. She said, “Let’s have a chat … Continue reading