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Wild 🌿

My areolas are the size of dinner plates, my lower regions are feeling all loosey-goosey, and this two and a half inch growth of armpit hair combined with the first trimester darkening of the pits is making me feel wild and reckless. 🌿 This year is about fierce self-love, and returning to balance and harmony. … Continue reading


“Let the trees be your breath. Let the grassy fields embrace you. Let the mountains and the seas remind you. Let the dawn sky flood in and allow the clouds to guide you. And when the living world has merged with you, may you finally know yourself truly alive, reborn into wholeness…Natural, Sacred and Wild.” … Continue reading

The Language of the Hand

Our family’s focus before reading, writing, and arithmetic (!) is on the spoken word. I love to build language skills in children through the repetition of stories, songs, and verses in circle time gatherings. In humanity’s evolution, spoken language developed first. Then written language emerged, originally through symbols (hieroglyphics). Once there was a written language, … Continue reading